Continued gollivudskogo of the scandal, Harvey Weinstein was expelled from the Academy

Продолжение голливудкого скандала: Харви Вайнштейна исключили из Киноакадемии
Colin Firth has publicly repented of his “sin”

Harvey Weinstein


As it became known, the American
Film Academy, the highest award which is the “Oscar”, was expelled Harvey
Weinstein from their ranks. A powerful producer who had a lifelong
membership in the Academy, was expelled in disgrace from the organization, more recently
proud of his membership.

“The Board of the Academy of motion picture Arts gathered today, two-thirds of its members
voted for an exception of Harvey Weinstein in their ranks. We do not want to have anything to do with the person
that does not deserve the respect of their colleagues!” — said in a statement.

Meanwhile, before the outbreak
scandal, Weinstein was one of the most honored and influential members of the film Academy. Movies
created in two studios — Miramax
Wainstein and The Company has been awarded 300 nominations for the top prize and
won 81 “Oscar”. Especially cruel was now the fall of the “Almighty

We will remind, scandal has burst after 8
Hollywood Actresses accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. And then
them began to join the new women. Among them such stars
as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. The number of ladies willing to testify
in court against Harvey, it grows like a snowball. At the moment they already
more 20, and at least three of them accused him of rape. Against
Weinstein has already started the police investigation.

This scandal affected not only the Harvey,
but other figures of Hollywood. So, allegations of harassment were put forward
against Ben Affleck, who did not deny his guilt, but rather to bring
apologies. And today Colin Firth made a statement in which he repented of
her inaction. It turns out that many years ago the actress Sophie Dix said
him about the ugly behavior of Weinstein in relation to it. And Colin, who
she asked for help, by his own admission, did not do anything,
fearing the vengeance of the Almighty producer. “If I then raised this question
how many women are flying over since the years did not suffer from Weinstein…” — lamenting the Firth.