Anna Sedokova: “I’m about to become mother for the third time!”

Анна Седокова: «Скоро я стану мамой в третий раз!»
The singer apologized to fans for the long silence.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova admitted that soon a third time will become a mother,
causes a stir of fans who have long suspected that the singer is
interesting position. “With each passing moment in life, you start everything
to appreciate and preserve the main thing — my family. You’ll forgive me for long silence, but it is,
which afraid even to whisper to a stranger. I’m about to become mother for the third
time and I thank God for it! 14 Feb Valentine’s Day I
will present their video work and the song “First Love”, which was
written by me, and it’s one of my long-awaited baby.”

Explicit recognition of the star published in his microblog
under the picture of a pregnant Anna posing pensively with downcast eyes
down. However, this image — nothing like the frame of the clip. So pregnant
the midsection can be real, and overhead, specially made for the filming
music video. Intriguing and direct it stars. In fact it is in this text
can talk about that soon Anna will give a brother or sister
his daughters, and about the song for a star as a child.

Recall my assumptions about what
Anna is in an interesting position, was the performance of the singer on one of the
new year’s concerts. Some of those present noticed Sedokova
rounded belly, viewed from under a large outfit, and from what was
made the appropriate conclusions. The rumors were backed up by the recent report on
the forthcoming wedding of Anna.