Dmitry Nagiyev and Andrey Malakhov are removed in the same movie

Дмитрий  Нагиев и Андрей Малахов снимаются в одном фильме
The presenters will play together in the film “Kitchen. The last battle”.

Дмитрий  Нагиев и Андрей Малахов снимаются в одном фильме

Andrey Malakhov and Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: Press service

In the spring of 2017 in all cinemas of the country will unfold
the battle for the hearts of fans of good humor and happy-ends. In this battle
defeated — on the wide screen will return the characters of the famous franchise “Kitchen”.

To the star cast of the film “Kitchen. The last battle” will be joined by TV presenter
Andrey Malakhov. As Dmitry Nagiyev, he will play himself. Both characters
will act as the leading world championship for chefs.

Still from the film

Photo: Press service

Suddenly, the entire creative team of the film, Malakhov’s participation in the project
turned into a clash of two of the most popular TV presenters of the country. During
filming Comedy Dmitry Nagiyev and Andrey Malakhov put on a real battle,
competing in the skill of subtle humor and on-screen charm. But the winners in
this battle will become spectators of the new film, which will be able to enjoy
the intrigue of the plot and sparkling humor Russian stars on the 20th of April this year!