Anna Sedokova harshly criticized the behavior of Yegor creed

Анна Седокова жестко раскритиковала поведение Егора Крида
Singer outraged by what is happening in the show “the Bachelor.”

Анна Седокова жестко раскритиковала поведение Егора Крида

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova down and
ashes “smashed” shows “the Bachelor” and its main character Yegor creed for unworthy
the behavior towards the contestants. According to the singer, such a reality make
men commitment issues, many women to fight for the location
the once-strong half of mankind.

“And I know who I blame it on Egor Krid and his “the Bachelor”!
— said Sedokova. — When in the main show of the country show dozens of women
desperately fighting for the heart of a great guy while living in the same house
in front of TV cameras, the feminist in me screams: “Stop”!”, writes Anna
in his microblog.

Most of all Anna
were outraged by a scene in an episode of “the Bachelor,” where “handsome Yegor with a mournful
kind of leans to beauty Dasha and whispers in her ear: “go for it! Be active!
Conquer me!”.

“Young Gal, 1995, fluent
English and Spanish, and she is earning a living teaching children
timidly looking at Bachelor, and he told her: “You need to be poreshitelney…”. “No,
Gal, no need! You need to run, immediately, I think to myself, and I Wi-Fi to disable it!”.
But not disconnect, continue to watch. I know Greg, he’s not. It
myself….”, — said Sedokova.

Egor Krid