Kim Kardashian has confirmed that it is preparing for the birth of their fourth child!

Ким Кардашьян подтвердила, что готовится к рождению четвертого ребенка!
The reality star spoke about his “discovery”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with kids

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

Large mother Kim Kardashian already
raising three children — four-year North, Senta two-year and four-month
the baby Chi, said he was not going to stop there.
I, quite possibly, soon there will be another baby!” said
Kardashian, thus confirming the rumors that she’s thinking about the replenishment of the composition of his family.

As explained by the reality star that she
opened up the possibility of surrogate motherhood dramatically changed her life. First, a real gift for Kim was that she was able to nurse
baby not herself, and entrusting it to a surrogate mother. “Now I can pay
much more time with their older children and help them to get used to
when the family of another child!” explained Kardashian. Because when
she gave birth to her middle child, a son of St. her daughter North painfully reacted to the fact that the Kardashian fed the boy’s chest. Kim had to hide with
the baby from the girl in the dressing room. And when that didn’t work, it gave the North a bag
milk, putting it in the Cup of the bra, so that she could drink milk through
straw at the same time with the baby.

Secondly, and this is important, Kim can now
not to fear neither for his life nor for the child. After all
the first two pregnancies she experienced serious complications (including
penetration of the placenta), is fraught with fatal outcome. “Of course, I would like
to carry a child myself, and I would, without a doubt, enjoyed it. But as for
me it is now deleted, I’m just happy that I can use
possibilities of surrogacy!” admitted Kim.