Анна Седокова купила защитный амулет для дочери
The singer will soon be reunited with her daughter Monica.

Анна Седокова купила защитный амулет для дочери

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Soon Anna Sedokova will be reunited with
his daughter Monica, who has long lived with his father Maxim
Chernyavsky in America and haven’t seen mother. The singer is preparing to meet with his beloved girl every day by buying her gifts and preparing surprises.
Because soon Monika will celebrate a birthday — July 24 she reaches
seven years.

“Now I’m standing at the road that leads me
home. I drove through it hundreds of thousands of times many years ago. Here’s
pseudo — Vydubitsky monastery — my favorite place in Kiev, — shares
artist. I baptized, came roaring after the divorce, there
asked for help and support. And it is always found. Always believed that good
win, and anger is just a lack of love. When I
already out of the Church, a nice woman asked me if I had seen the bracelets. In
each of them sewn prayer (and the beads sanctified). They are created by hand
believers and protect loved ones. In my hand three bracelets: Alina, Monica
and Hector. And one for me and for relatives. I’m a very happy man
because I have not enough space on hand to accomodate all bracelets for
those who I am grateful to the people you love and who loves me. Thank You for
support. Perhaps the most difficult period of my life will end very soon”.

We will remind, earlier it became known that Sedokova and
Cherniavsky came
to agreement in custody battle over daughter Monica. The singer and her ex-husband
signed a settlement agreement that established the right of girl’s education. Anna was able to persuade the family of the former spouse to compromise. Now
custody of Monica’s parents shared equally. That is, half the time she will
hanging with dad and another with mom. To live it, as before, will be in America
since studying at the school of Los Angeles. Anna will be able to spend with my daughter holidays
as well as meet with it at any time without guards.

Photo: Instagram