Елена Летучая «заработала» обострение тяжелой болезни
The presenter had to go to the doctor.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Letuchaya again “drifted” is the word she described the reason for his poor health. Because of several journeys, which the star has made in recent months, her health has deteriorated.

We will remind, in the beginning of this year Elena had to stop its work on the First channel on the recommendation of doctors.

“At the beginning of December I began to feel bad, and after a series of examinations by different doctors confirmed the diagnosis: unstable angina — said Volatile fans. To fly 2-3 times per week, as required by the program, is strictly prohibited! Never thought that I would post such a post, but for now I choose health. We still had hope with the New year, when we were waiting for doctors ‘ decision — something else, maybe just a mistake. And today came the final results. The whole December and beginning of January looking for other leading and correspondents, but, alas, not so it is simple — “in a burning log hut and a horse on the move to stop”. But that’s what you got me love. My dear fans, I promise that you will not lose me from the screen of the First channel, but now I need your support and understanding!”

For the past six months Fugitive trying to protect themselves. Doctors even forbade her to play sports. By the way, it was no less difficult for Elena, than parting with a beloved work. It periodically publishes its archival images from the gym. “Sports is impossible, but to dream!” — she signed the photo.