Анна Плетнёва о расставании: «Я испытываю горькое сожаление по этому поводу...»
The singer told about a fundamental change in their lives.

Anna Pletnev and Alexei Romanov

Photo: @dusya_star Instagram of Anna Pletneva

Anna Pletnev was told that I broke up with her producer — Alexey Romanov. The news came as a big surprise for her fans, because they worked together for more than 10 years. Artist assured that they will end up on a positive note.

“We broke up officially with Alexei Romanov after 11 years of fruitful cooperation. I feel bitter regret about this, but I can say for sure that we were left with no choice. The fact that we are the last two years and were not together… No, we worked, did everything I was supposed to, but… Energetically we were on different poles, and further and further estranged from each other. There is no point in playing the blame!” — said Pletnev.

For Anna this decision was the beginning of a new stage in life. She admitted that with the warmth will remember the years of cooperation with the now former producer. “If there were something in the heart is a great love to what we did together for these incredible happy moments of our shared creative life and a huge sense of gratitude to a talented man to you, Alex! — has shared Anna. — Thanks to all who have been with us all these happy 11 years!”

But the Pletnev premiere of the song, recorded a duet with Marina Fedunkiv — “Friend”. The video for this song became a hit online.