Елена Летучая шокировала фанатов признанием о пластических операциях
The presenter openly stated that working closely with renowned surgeon.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena is Volatile for many viewers fell in love with her the standard of beauty. Most of them were convinced that the popular TV presenter has generously endowed a spectacular appearance nature. But it turned out that appealing look of a movie star “had a hand” known plastic surgeon.

The most amazing thing about this story is that Elena, without fear of judgment fans herself said about it in social networks. “I don’t want to look artificial, I want to Wake up in the morning as “Morning rose”. I’m sure You are, right? And especially today when everything is played with a silicone “beauty”…” — shared Elena.

Then she introduced subscribers with your plastic surgeon who, according to Bat, and stands up for her irresistible appearance. “In General, a guy you can trust. Checked personally! ps Andrew, sorry I didn’t warn you! But all the time ask: “How can You be so beautiful?!” You’re a genius!” — wrote a TV presenter.

It should be noted that subscribers tried to “calculate” what body part “altered” the surgeon Elena. However, the answer to this question is a star, probably will never reveal. After all, the woman is known to have to remain a mystery.

The other day, by the way, Elena said that is going to become in the future a large mom. She dreams of a big family. And the first step towards that dream, she already did. Last summer, she was the lawful wife of his choice, Yuri Anashenkov.