Больной раком Хью Джекман поделился печальной новостью
The actor shared a photo of consequences of disease.

Hugh Jackman

Photo: @Instagram thehughjackman Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has shared with fans
sad news. The doctors diagnosed him with a recurrence of skin cancer. Actor
already had surgery, and he tweeted a photograph with a surgical bandage on his nose. This was told to the reporter of the website dailymail.co.uk.

Sad thing is,
is not the first tumor detected in Jackman on the skin with time
the intervals between relapses are getting shorter. The first time Hugh was diagnosed with
“basal carcinoma” in the fall of 2013. And the current recurrence has already become the sixth in 3.5
years have passed since then. And if between the first and second exacerbation was about
years, from the moment when Jackman had removed a tumor the fifth to the present
operation flying less than two months!

But Hugh even in this situation, trying not
to lose presence of mind and keep a positive attitude. “This disease can
control. Only need in any case do not skip regular check-UPS
doctor. I used to like most men, not too concerned about this.
But now I never miss a visit to the doctor because of his laziness!
I want to remind everyone that you never forget to use sunscreen
cream, going out in the sun!” — posted by Hugh
on his page in the social network.

According to the actor, his disease is one of the
the most common in Australia, there is a very tough solar radiation. And
young Hugh, who grew up in the country, spent days
on the beach, being an avid surfer and other beach events. What a pity, complains,Jackman,
at that time no one told him about the dangers of such a long stay
in the sun and need for sunscreen…