Анна Нетребко обратилась с просьбой не обсуждать её беременность
Fans noticed the Opera star rounded belly.

Anna Netrebko with son Tiago

Photo: @Instagram anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko suspected pregnancy. On the last frame taken in the Park during walk with the son of the Opera star noticeable rounded belly. Fans began to write their favorite artist congratulations on the joyful event. Anna had to respond to comments from fans to the false information spread across the Network.

Netrebko has spoken out about the pregnancy with humor. She convinced followers that the effect of her rounded belly made the… wind, “pouting” dress in a funny way.

“Friends! We will not call shift dress, swollen by the wind, pregnancy! Moreover, the photo shows it bulging sideways and up as if my Breasts are hanging to the navel… Sexy!” jokes Anna.

Netrebko is the second time in the last six months attributed to pregnancy. The last time the statement was made by the husband of the singer — tenor Yusif Eyvazov. According to the persistence, the fans really want to see Anna and her husband had a baby. Recall that the national artist is the son of Tiago from a relationship with Erwin Schrott, which practically does not communicate with the child. Anna and Yusif are raising the boy together. “Thiago is my child. I can’t imagine how it could be different. He gave me a lot of things, without even knowing it. He gave me a lot of love, helped me understand things about life, about family, about responsibility,” said Yusif.