Вот это номер! Катя Гордон объявила голодовку
The actress has taken drastic steps to solve your problem.

Photo: Instagram

Kate Gordon, known for his bold statements and actions, do not spare anyone, including my own. In the fight against excess weight, the actress is ready to deal. Even the fact that, contrary to the current fashion for healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, as well as the assurances of doctors, considered quite dangerous to health. To clean a few extra pounds, Gordon has announced a three-day hunger strike. Moreover, to make it easier to carry the voluntary “torture,” Catherine invited fans to participate in “marathon”.

“Girls and boys, negussie a good life tummies and bottoms… Tomorrow, breaking all the rules and theories, I stop to eat, — said Katya. — I will only drink water. Do not teach a scientist and recommendations!”

Gordon asked the fans to support each other in the comments to the post on the social network, as well as “check” in the air, which plans to spend every day.

A little over a year ago, Ekaterina became a mother for the second time. The birth was difficult, even there was a question about her life. After a complicated surgery Gordon became the “owner” of a large abdominal scar, which was soon removed with the help of plastic surgery.

The doctors then for a very long time did not allow Gordon to play sports. Therefore, to get rid of extra pounds and cellulite Catherine decided on a very painful procedure. A long course of injections with lpolitikai helped “kill” the excess fat, and moderate swimming back the skin tonus and elasticity.

“My man loves me and stout, but I want to run a dozen years with a round booty!” — laughs Gordon.