Анна Нетребко и Юсиф Эйвазов поделились новой победой наследника Famous Opera singers proud of the achievements of a boy with a mild form of autism. Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov loved in a charming Thiago, who now goes to a regular school. Recently the kid learned to use a cell phone and began to correspond with adults.

Opera diva Anna Netrebko and her husband Yusif Eyvazov bring a charming eight-year-old Thiago, who was diagnosed with a mild form of autism. Spouses do everything possible to help the child nothing needed and grew harmoniously developed personality.

Recently the singer shared in his achievements of the boy. The contractor reported that Thiago began to develop a communication with the mobile. Of great pride to Anna and Yusif, the boy learned to write text messages to them. Now the baby can always turn to an adult if he needs anything. Husband of famous singer also shared a screenshot of the screen of your smartphone.

“Our child is growing, and now he learned to write posts, it’s small, but another win,” shared Eyvazov.

Fans of the star couple congratulated her and wished the child to further success. “How lovely”, “Persistence – a good trait”, “He’s wonderful! You’ll learn and will sing like a Nightingale”, “Here it is, baby love,” “Good, he will succeed”, “So cute”, “Sweetie”, “This is your total victory!” “You have a beautiful family, Health and happiness to you”, “he loves you”, and discussed the post social media users.

In April of this year it became known that Anna Netrebko has translated a lovely son from a specialized training institution to a regular school, located in Vienna. According to Yusif Eyvazov, the child was ready for it. The couple recognizes that the development of the kid lags behind their peers, but they are willing to work with him on solving this problem. Anna and Yusif happy that Thiago will be able to communicate with peers.

We add that the son of a famous singer is fond of music. Celebrity noticed the talent of Thiago and try every possible way to encourage it. Eyvazov and Netrebko believe that the child sings and does is pure and right. In addition, the boy spends time and physical activity. In an interview, Yusif said that Thiago does karate and gets great pleasure from training.

Recall that Thiago was born in September 2008. For the first time Anna Netrebko spoke about the diagnosis of her son in 2013. In an exclusive interview to Andrey Malakhov in the program “Let them talk” star admitted that initially she was shocked by the experts. But then the singer took himself in hand and began to operate. Thanks to the efforts of its star moms Thiago has managed to achieve significant progress.