Андрей Чуев: «В отношениях с Мариной поставлена точка» Ex-member of telestroke answered all the questions about communicating with an ex-girlfriend. Says Chuev, no money to Marina, he no longer needs. He calls Afrikantova cease to mention his name in the air show.

A few days ago in the Network there was a scandal with the participation of Andrey Chueva. The mother of his ex-girlfriend Marina Afrikantov Tatiana accused the man that he tried to kidnap her daughter. Entrepreneur tired of the rumors and tried to answer all questions of subscribers, arranging the video in Instagram. While chatting with fans Chuev noted that ex-girlfriend continues to talk often about it in the show.

“I’m not talking about me. About money, I you should not. We all spent half. At that moment you were my girl”, a fragment of the audio, put Andrew to its subscribers.

Moreover, in personal correspondence Marina says that her former chosen one has never laid a hand on her, though some friends of former lovers say the opposite.

According to Andrew, the last disputes with the Marina arose from the fact that Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrienko invited to the wedding of both of them. Former member of telestroke argues that the way guys warm up interest in his marriage. “They are hyping the topic,” said Chuev.

Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” are actively discussing the personal life of Andrew. Many believe that the man has a new fiancee, but he did not confirm this information. “I am not in love still,” says a former member of telestroke. However, the other day on his personal page in social network there was a touching poem, which he dedicated to the girl.

The lyrical hero speaks about how he was standing on the edge of a precipice, where it drove the people around them, but turning back, he saw the shining eyes of a stranger. Then the man realized that she could save him. Netizens admire the talent Chueva.

Fans transfer think on the air to discuss the story of Marina and Andrew from the fact that the ranking of participants is not very high. Some take the position: the blonde was quite boring and not interesting people. At the moment the girl is at the Seychelles, but none of the men has not yet been able to interest Afrikantova.