Анна Михалкова зациклена на успехах детей A compliment to the child for the stars is more important than praise for a good movie role. Anna Mikhalkov admits that from the family she never seeks recognition. The actress sees fulfillment in their heirs.

      Anna Mikhalkov not only boasts a brilliant career in cinema, but also a strong family. The actress is a mother of many children. Three children constitute its true happiness. Eldest son Andrew recently turned 16 years old, middle-Sergei – 15, and the youngest daughter, Lydia, earlier this month celebrated its third birthday. Spouse star, businessman albert Tanks, doted on his wife, however, as she’s in it.

      As an actress, she used more time and effort paid career, but then I realized that to her family is much more important. Being a mother of three children, not just care for them and simultaneously learn a new role. Moreover, it was found that a Herculean effort Mikhalkova in the field of movie is not going to benefit her female happiness.

      “As corny as it may sound, save only a reasonable combination. In my life there was a time when it was important to prove your creativity. It turned out, this internal and external work does not need anyone, family including. In the end, I just calmed down and realized that there is my territory — cinema, and family to me a confession is not necessary. And what of her husband and children the difference, as I have the prizes on the shelf when you need to prepare Breakfast and to come to a parent meeting,” says the star.

      Interestingly, the eldest son of Anne successfully developed a new academic year. The boys go to the former 20th special school at Patriarch’s ponds. Before this school, located in the heart of Moscow, it was the nomenklatura, and now has become a luxury. As an actress, there still taught the teachers that taught her, so she knows the maximum they can give.

      “We have good classes, the parents are all friends. Communicate in chat-rooms, discussing who ditched who received the two – says the actress in an interview with the magazine “Interview”. In this respect, I was a Jewish mother. I want to about my child said he was the smartest, most capable. It was much more important than praise for good performance in the movie. Here I look like my dad’s mother, who the children saw self-actualization”.