«Первый мужчина» Земфиры рассказал об их особой связи Vlad Kolchin revealed the truth about the relationship with the singer. Many years ago, Zemfira and the musician worked together. In his book, the man explained how they coexisted with the legendary rock performer on the same stage, and why they were drawn to each other.

      «Первый мужчина» Земфиры рассказал об их особой связи

      Vlad Kolchin, who is called in the press the first man Zemfira, published the book “Music as a chance. To beat multiple sclerosis”. In this work the musician recalled how he worked with an unknown singer on the same stage and talked about the relationship that connects them.

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      Kolchin and Ramazanova met in Ufa. Zemfira received in the second course, came to Vlad’s recommendations. Musician looking for a vocalist, that could be part of his rock band.

      “Despite the obvious talent, then no one thought to suggest her as a singer, who will soon collect thousands of stadiums. In addition to her. I’m in that moment he saw before him a wolf in jeans, small in stature, with sklotarnyj hair. In my short simple question: “will Go to work in the tavern?” – I received no less than a simple and short answer. In haste we made a program and after some time worked in the trio,” writes Kolchin.

      According to the saxophonist, they had completely different characters. People wondered how they could be in the same team. “Personally, I had a strong sense that I work with it some karmic program… Despite our Zemfira incompatible temperaments, all our attempts to separate and work each with other musicians to anything do not lead. I was not happy, nobody’s happy, and without each other bored,” admitted Kolchin.

      However, Vlad denies that between him and the singer was ever a novel. According to the author of the book, all the rumors about his relationship with Zemfira – fiction journalists. They had some kind of spiritual connection when they met, they could spend hours without getting tired to talk.

      “The love between us has never been snotty tenderness was not at all inherent to us, despite the fact that we had a lot of revelations. It was hard to talk about it then not easier now. It attracted the self-sufficiency of our solitude and the ability to shower publicly naked,” explained Vlad in his book.