The court refused to engage in the conflict of the brothers Samoilov

Суд отказался заниматься конфликтом братьев Самойловых The authorities rejected the claim of Gleb Samoilov Vadim. According to the representative of the defendant, the musician has the rights on all 172 songs. The plaintiff has negatively responded to this turn of events.

      Savelovsky court of Moscow has passed the decision on the claim Gleb Samoylov to his brother Vadim. The plaintiff demanded to prohibit the performance hits of group “Agatha Christie” to his relative. It was about 172 of the songs they recorded together as a rock band. Because of the peaceful ways to resolve the situation failed, the musician turned to the authorities. The plaintiff hoped that the decision will be made in his favor, but the court turned him down.

      The representative of the defendant Vadim Pavel Duksin noted that the musician has related rights to the disputed songs, so can also work with this material live. “The desire to play hits “Agatha Christie” appeared after the success of “nostalgia concerts”, held in February last year. Because between me and my brother reached an agreement that we can play what you want – both he and I,” said Samoilov “StarHit”.

      “Vadim Samoilov was involved in the creation and execution of each song, so maybe without the author’s permission to fulfill them,” said the man.

      According to Doxine, the defendant uses only 21 of the 172 composition. This statement was perceived with hostility by the party Gleb Samoilov. The representative plaintiff Ian Brotman said that, according to her, Vadim singing 49 songs, as when counting count cover versions and remixes. The lawyer explained that neighbouring rights on the songs are part of a group, and each person is a soloist of the band denied them. “We have no evidence that the defendant now takes all 172 songs, but we want to prevent them in the future,” said Brotman.

      At the moment Hleb is a member of The MATRIXX, and Vadim plays solo. The conflict between the brothers erupted for a long time. The musicians even managed to drag his elderly mother. She can’t take sides because he loves his children. “I immediately knew that he is not all the money paid Gleb from concerts. But I knew, when all the money comes in, it will give. Well, while it lasted,” said the woman.

      Recall that the group “Agatha Christie” was organized by the brothers Samojlovym in 1985. The guys in the top most successful rock musicians of the 90-ies. In 2010, Samoilov has recorded latest album “epilogue”, after which broke off cooperation with each other.