Анна Михалкова признала, что в браке ее младшей сестры не все гладко
Network blasted the news about the divorce Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova with her husband Rezo Gigineishvili

Photo: personastars.com

The news about the divorce Hope Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili, which was originally published Tatler, shocked fans of the star couple. In a matter of minutes information scattered across the Network. However, this news has managed to refute almost all
family members Mikhalkov, including the main participants in “divorce.” “That’s nonsense!
They I will tell about my life?” — quoted Rezo Life. Mom
Hope Tatiana Mikhalkova also confirmed that about any divorce out of the question. But sister Anne was not so categorical. According to her, the marriage of Hope and Rezo,
as in every family, are different periods. That is, indirectly
Anna confirmed the fact that the relationship of the famous couple now it’s not so
smoothly as we would like.

A difficult period in family life
Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili, most likely, was due to the fact that Hope in the past
year decided to change profession and went into the Director’s work. Long
she was completely immersed in work on his debut film, “Churros”,
where her sister Anna played a major role. Probably rare meeting with her husband and
are the reason that they moved away from each other. However,
it seems that the couple did not intend to put this point in a relationship. After all, they grow two
small children: five-year three-year Nina and Ivan. By the way, some time ago became
it is known that the shooting of the next creations of Hope requires a “small”
state support in the form of 25 million rubles.

However, in the history of the marriage of the stars of the national
show business is not often met cases when a wife strongly and to
recently denied upcoming divorce. And then still leave. For example,
about the break-up of Sergey and Irina Bezrukov started talking a year before their divorce, but they
they have long denied the fact that the relationship has stalled. And only
after the divorce, the couple made an official statement.

Ekaterina Klimova and Igor Petrenko several times back and forth, denying the possibility of divorce. And
then all decided to go our separate ways. A kind of leader among these
couples — the couple Meladze, which for 10 years managed
to advertise the existence of Valeria’s second family.

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