Эксклюзив: Саша Савельева занялась сольной карьерой
The soloist of group “Factory” has released a new track.

Alexander Savelyev

Sasha Savelyev presented to the audience his new
solo song “I choose you”. But this does not mean that it stops his career in the band “Fabrika”. Saveliev decided to combine a solo career with performances in the group.

Work on the track Sasha started in January. “Initially I had not planned to release the song this summer, but she
it turned out such a fun, carefree and light, which is consistent with
August mood, — said Saveliev. — It would be better to ask
someone dedicated this song. And it is dedicated to all the girls who
treat life with a certain degree of irony, thinking positively, love
to travel, noisy companies gather, to sing karaoke, have fun.
To attach a serious meaning to this song would be a bit strange.”

solo career Savelyeva is very diverse: there are serious songs, there is dance. But
the main message of all the songs: no matter what happens, you have to enjoy life and
“keep dancing, even when everything seemed to be quite

“I sincerely believe that every person will occur in this
life is something very good, ” says Saveliev. — We spend a lot of time on condemnation,
discussion of someone trying to look where it doesn’t belong very often
get angry and argue with someone, prove to someone that we stand for something, instead of
in order to look at life from the other side. From happiness, joy and
inspiration. We don’t owe anyone anything, we don’t have to be what we
they want to see. Is just to live every moment with pleasure and joy.
Simple happiness means more than anything!”

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