Anna Khilkevich told about the harassment of colleagues

Анна Хилькевич рассказала о домогательствах коллег The actress recalled the two occasions that happened to her on the set. According to Lee, early in his career she even refused to give the role because she agreed to sex. The star prefers not to name names of people involved in these stories.

After the Hollywood scandal involving the Director and Harvey Weinstein, who molested many Actresses and models, other celebrities began to talk about what also faced with the cases when they were offered sex in exchange for the role. The Russian star also did not conceal such cases.

In an interview with reporters Anna Khilkevich said that early in his career, she also became a victim of harassment by colleagues.

“I had two similar cases. Then I was just beginning my career. I won’t mention the names of the people who persuaded me to sex, promising promotion. Probably, it in Hollywood is possible and fashionable. But our kinomark small, so to avoid the consequences it is better to do without names. I can only say that due to the failure of the role I got,” explained the actress.

However, Lee is willing to go to great lengths for a role. However, at the moment the main priority for the actress – her family. According to Anna, she tries to devote the maximum amount of time daughter.

“I am a mother hen, and I like it. Daughter two years old. She still does not realize that her mother is an actress. But in the magazines looking for pictures like me girls. For her it is quite normal that the mother appears in magazines, she’s photographed on the streets. Daughter I spend all my free time. A few times he took her with him to the set. But she’s too little – began to demand of me. So now leave her with a babysitter or with grandma,” explained Lee.

By the way, Anna trys her hand at another field. Yesterday in Moscow has opened a nail Studio, owned by Lee. Despite the fact that the actress just arrived in the capital city of Togliatti, she arrived for the evening in honor of the launch. Soon, the salon will open its doors to all customers. “Today, our celebration was attended by so many of my friends and colleagues, so many good words”, – shared her emotions the actress in the microblog.

Soon Lee wants to surprise the audience, playing in the theatrical production. “For two and a half months rehearsing. It’s a deep drama – a fully immersive, three-hour. Want the audience I saw this production. Because the genre of Comedy I’ve mastered the perfectly – know how to laugh! Now we have to prove to people that I not only can amuse that, looking at me, they can cry,” Anna told reporters, “the Interlocutor”.