Anna Khilkevich reached ideal weight

Анна Хилькевич достигла идеального веса The actress completely got rid of the extra pounds gained during pregnancy. Now the weight of Anna Khilkevich — just over 46 pounds. She calls this result the “desired state of weightlessness”.

      Анна Хилькевич достигла идеального веса

      Actress Anna Khilkevich loves to play sports and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Since then, as she gave birth to baby Arianna in December 2015, star began to dump actively recruited during pregnancy pounds to resume shooting. She began to train hard in the gym and even challenged a colleague on the “Uni” Nastasya Samburski, writing in his microblog: “I continue to hone your figure… Start to pump your triceps, bias, quadriceps. Samburski, be afraid!”. In addition, the actress sat on a strict diet, completely eliminating from your daily diet unhealthy calories program.

      Regular exercise and right food borne fruit. Khilkevich began to lose weight and quickly regained slender figure. However, this actress was not enough. She wanted to be exactly the same as it was before pregnancy, so I decided to continue to dump pounds. In the end Anna managed to achieve what she has shared with all of his fans, eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved actress in “Univer”.

      “I was brought to the desired state of weightlessness – 46,5 kg. And how you bring your pieces in the correct state? Were you able to achieve?.. Did any of you personal fat burner?”, wrote Anna in his microblog.

      Анна Хилькевич достигла идеального веса

      Fans are happy for Khilkevich. Many praised her tenacity and noted the excellent form of the actress, and some shared how lost weight themselves. “Beauty is back”, “Anna, you did great, and I’m not gonna have my 50 kg”, “You look good”, “Strong people always believe in yourself and succeed!”, “I lost weight on the protein diet”, “you Have a wonderful ratio of Vesta and growth”, — commented on the publication of the star of its subscribers.

      Anna is now experiencing all the joys of motherhood. Happy mother fails to post photos of themselves walking with the baby and choosing new furniture for your home. According to Anna, she and her husband want to make the house as comfortable for the baby. In addition, the actress has often to drop in to the shops of goods for children. Anna jokes that her apartment has turned into “children’s world”. “Khilkevich! For groceries also sometimes have to go” — ironically the star of “Univer”.

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