Vadim Samoilov: “the History of “Agatha Christie” not over yet”

Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» The musician told the “Starite” the truth about the relationship with his brother. The actor stressed that at some point they decided to rest from each other, and therefore they parted ways. Now Vadim and Gleb Samoilova are separately and rarely communicate.

      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена»

      Vadim Samoilov on the eve of their concert in St. Petersburg club “A2” and on April 22 in Moscow Ray Just Arena told “StarHit” about how the audience has changed, explained why they wanted to play the hits favorite band right now and noted that the history of “Agatha Christie” is not finished yet.

      The title of this concert comes some confusion – “Agatha Christie” Vadim Samoilov. Tell us what does the audience still waiting for April 10 in St. Petersburg “A2” and on April 22 in Moscow Ray Just Arena?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» Correctly these concerts are called “Vadim Samoilov. Agatha Christie. All the hits”. But the organizers of the concert very often begin to write the first big “Agatha Christie” and then everything else. This happens at my concerts, and at concerts Gleb (younger brother of Vadim and Gleb Samoilov. – Approx. ed.), fighting it, forcing Billboard to alter. —
      Why Vadim Samoilov wanted to play the hits “by Agatha Christie” right now?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» The desire to play hits “Agatha Christie” appeared after the success of “nostalgia concerts”, held in February last year. Because between me and my brother reached an agreement that we can play what we want – both he and I. As for me, I went on tour, which represent musical performance – it is a separate project because has grown a lot of people who started to listen to “Agatha Christie”, but have never been to her concerts. Here I give the opportunity to feel how it was. Of course, this is not a concert “Agatha Christie”, but when they came to it, you can get a full impression of the group. —
      In one interview you said that the concerts “the ability to appeal to a young”.
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» It is. At least with me it always happens. When I sing at the beginning of the program songs that were written in 1988, I returned to my youth, and people who are in the room too, back in my youth. An important factor is that the songs I’m playing in “A2” and Ray Just Arena arranged in chronological order, that is, they cover the late 80’s through the 90’s and reach the end of the 2000s.
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена»
      You said “encrypt the current message to itself”. Decipher this message?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» It is possible to speak not about “Agatha Christie”, but about the songs and about what will be in my new project in the program that I am preparing. I mean his College records that were up to “Agatha Christie”. Incidentally, the name “Agatha Christie” appeared in 1986, even those songs that were more art-rock – that youth in those texts partly I hear the appeal today. But I would like to talk more about this before the premiere, which will take place in the autumn. —
      Group “Agatha Christie” in the 90s made bright and cool show. Upcoming concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, we wait for the show?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» Few people know that I was putting on a show for the group Nautilus Pompilius in the concert hall “Russia” where there was a presentation of the album “Titanic”: in the show we used a children’s choir, and additional musicians. And after I wrote it and drove. If you look at a live recording of our “Opium”, you will find that we already had individual videos for each song made for the show. I just can’t live without the show, and now I will remain true to the show will be impressive. —
      In autumn you present a new musical project, tell us about it.
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» I think if we talk about a music genre, it will still be some continuation of the “Agatha Christie”. This is what I created – a style from where we grew up. Will electronics, heavy guitar, maybe will add more of my favorite art-rock ‘ 70s. —
      A year ago, you turned 50 years old. Feel your age?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» No, not really. I think that I’m not the only one, and that the musicians, poets, artists and creative people the rest of your life feeling young. Creativity was always provokes some updates, including the update of individual – this, apparently, helps us feel somehow outside of time and age. It is clear that some condition of the body periodically remind you that you’re not a youngster, however, I believe that it can be adjusted if you are correctly configured, do not allow yourself any nonsense, which indulge in his youth. In General, do not feel in my 50 years, do not even think about his age. —
      Have you ever been at concerts Gleb? Do you follow the work of his group?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» No. We parted precisely in order to give to live each other separately. I don’t care this story. I heard much of what he does, but to me it doesn’t really close and I don’t study it in detail. —
      Not so long ago you spoke to our military in Syria. Was it hard?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» We don’t need any effort for this, because the Ministry of defence carries back their artists every week – we just sat in the same plane. Only, there was no stage equipment, and we had to carry amps, drums, amplifiers, remotes and everything you need for the concert. We did it for free – this is a purely civil position me and my boys.
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена»
      Is there more or less full biography “Agatha Christie”?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» Autobiography no, but from the last that came out – the book which issued an “amphora”. It’s not like the autobiography, but a book written based on our interview. It is about how everything was, but of course, this is not a complete biography. Actually, I think that its still early to write, because the events with “Agatha Christie” is not over yet, and memoirs to write, where is the end. —
      Do you see the audience change over the years?
      Вадим Самойлов: «История «Агаты Кристи» еще не окончена» The audience hasn’t changed, that makes me very happy. At concerts “by Agatha Christie. All the hits” there are three generation of my peers 50-60 years, plus their children and their grandchildren. I am very happy that young guys 12-14-year-olds who are becoming interested in rock music, turn to “Agatha Christie” and there is something to find for yourself and then come to the concert. —
      For many years, “Agatha Christie” was accompanied by the issue of drugs, which recently went…
      I believe that in this sense we are the most honest. There was no one trend in drugs just when the country was a lot, here and all indulged, and now, we think of them and we came out of this age. I want to live longer, you sooner or later about health think.

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