Anna Khilkevich organizes Vitaly Gogunska wedding

Анна Хилькевич организует Виталию Гогунскому свадьбу
The actress volunteered to organize the celebration.

Anna Khilkevich, Vitaly Gogunsky

Not so long ago Anna Khilkevich organized their own
wedding Agency, which is organizing celebrations and banquets. Actress
knows firsthand how difficult it is to organize a wedding ceremony and a lavish feast. In August 2015, according to a married DJ Artur Volkov. According to
actress, she was hard to combine active work and taking pictures with the wedding preparations.

Now she’s doing festive business professionally. One of the first customers in the Bridal salon will
Vitaly Gogunsky with his wife Irina. For this couple, the actress is going
arrange storage celebration. “Riddle: there are two pairs. One is married. Another
no. Guess who’s got the wedding in late April? And who organizes it?” — wrote Anna in his Instagram.

That Vitaly Gogunsky
is going to legalize the relationship with the mother of his child, Irina, Mirko, it became known two weeks ago. This
the pair had to endure a lot: the birth of his daughter, separation and resentment, resume
relationship and love. According to the actor, he realized that he wanted to be only with this