Anna Khilkevich opened a Bridal Agency

Анна Хилькевич открыла свадебное агентство

Not so long ago the star of “Univer” Anna Khilkevich announced the search for artists for your beauty salon. Now the actress has decided to compete with Vera Brezhneva. No, do not think that Anna decided to conquer the music scene. Lee was interested in another – she’s determined to help couples to organize the best holiday in their life.

Anna opened a Bridal Agency. She told about it in Instagram: “Friends! Finally reveal all the cards. I opened my own wedding Agency @wedding_hills. With my own wedding has been more than a year, but the wedding world won’t let me. I decided that I wanted to continue to do this and feel that my experience as a bride very will help our future newlyweds. Of course, I’m not alone. My friend, and now partner will be Lida Com – the organizer of not only my wedding but also the hundreds of others. 10 years of experience, hundreds of Grand unique wedding projects, thousands of people she could make happy. Now we will make a happy YOU! Welcome to our wedding world! “.

Do you think that will have, according to succeed in this business?