Брэд Питт провел «худшие в жизни праздники»

The names of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie obviously will long sound in the media in connection with their difficult breakup and the problems they caused for themselves.

Recently we told that at Christmas the actor was able to meet with their children who did not even bother to wish my father happy birthday. Then it was reported that brad was incredibly glad for the first time to see their children, to talk to them. Note that this is all happening under the supervision of a psychologist.

Now it turns out that Christmas holidays for pitt were the hardest in my life.

“It was the worst holidays in my life” — confessed the actor to the people from his inner circle. Of course, this is due to the family problem worried Jolie-Pitta. Besides, brad really suffers from the fact that he was betrayed by the woman he still loves.

According to source, he had long ceased to be ashamed to cry learned not to read about myself on the Internet, from which to stay away. And do not understand why Jolie “made to become so horrible”.