Anna Khilkevich has arranged a Grand party on the occasion of the anniversary

Анна Хилькевич устроила грандиозную вечеринку по поводу юбилея
Husband of the actress was thirty years old.

Anna Khilkevich with her husband Artur Volkov

Photo: Instagram

Husband Of Anna Khilkevich Arthur Volkov,
whose family name is Archie, was thirty years old. On this occasion loving
wife had a fantastic holiday.

The celebration took place yesterday, and Archie cordially
thanked Anna for arranged a party in honor of the anniversary.

“Thank you, my love, for
this holiday, wrote Arthur on the personal page in a social network. — It was
fun and very soulful, and sometimes scary. There was a feeling that we celebrated my
twenty years and not tridtsatnik: and Board, like a schoolboy, and a shirt. It’s nice that,
despite our venerable age, we can fool around and laugh
on yourself. The only thing that distinguished this occasion from parties of 20-year-old — that we all have at nine o’clock in the evening asked not to disperse,
how soon will the cake and competitions. I can say, I am the happiest husband and the most
happy father! Well, the fifteenth of October we are waiting for replenishment in our ranks, my dear!”

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