Видео дня: премьера дебютного клипа дочери Татьяны Навки
The singer Alexia released the official video for the song “Breathe Me”.

Видео дня: премьера дебютного клипа дочери Татьяны Навки

Tatiana Navka with her eldest daughter Alexandra

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Alexander Zhulin

Photo: @sashazhulina (Instagram Alexandra Zhukova)

The 16-year-old Oleksandra Joineu — daughter of famous
figure skaters Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin — yesterday was a big day. The Internet has taken place
the official premiere of the video of the singer Alexia (under this alias on the stage
is a girl) for the song “Breathe Me”. This is not the first hit in performance
rising star. Alexis made his debut in Sochi last year with the song “I
will dance”, it happened at the wedding of Tatiana Navka and development (OECD). And
this song immediately hit the charts leading radio stations of the country.

In the childhood of Alexander Zhulin professionally
great tennis and did well in international competitions. But
injury she had to leave the sport. After that, Alexander fell
music and began taking singing lessons.

In the video for the song “Breathe Me” was played by soloist of fashionable group MBAND
Nikita Kiosse, which has more than half a million followers on Instagram (for
comparison, Oleksandra Galinou while less than 20 thousand). Many of those already
I watched the video, frankly admitted in the comments that interested in this
the video is due to the participation of the young musician and appreciated
dance hit performed by Alexia.

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