Anna Kalashnikova: “During the meeting, Prokhorov son and I cried”

Анна Калашникова: «Во время встречи Прохора с сыном я плакала» The actress and model told the “StarHit”, as she was able to negotiate with former lover about this visit. The boy was delighted with the arrival of Prokhor Chaliapin and hours talking with him alone. According to Kalashnikova, they plan to spend the new year holidays.

      Анна Калашникова: «Во время встречи Прохора с сыном я плакала»

      Someone for this little life, and Chaliapin and Kalashnikov had the two years. The romance between Anna and St. Prochorus began in the summer of 2014. 9 months later, the actress gave birth to her son Daniel, then there was a DNA test in the air “Let them talk”, which proved that Chaliapin is not the natural father of the child. Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      Anya and Prokhorov did not communicate for about six months, and in October met at the party, and the singer himself approached, has suggested to meet in an informal setting. Kalashnikov said “StarHit” on the first in many months of the meeting, Prokhorov with his son and a reconciliation with her beloved parents.

      To live together

      “I am happy that everything is getting better, – has shared Anna with “StarHit”. – As a mom, I was worried that Prokhorov APR not see Danya. Before that, he was a caring father – walked with the baby, played, fed him. It hurt me to hear after his departure son tried to babble, “daddy, daddy”, but to whom he appealed, was not there… I tried to explain to u that the child is innocent, and besides, he knew that perhaps he’s not his dad. And Prokhorov gave your word to me and my parents that will raise him, no matter what. But knowing that is not the father of the Tribute, refused to meet with me, to see small… So when I send him text messages: “I miss Dana, I want to see him,” at first thought it was a joke. I could not believe that he realized that the child is not a toy, it can not just leave. I immediately called Prokhor: “are You serious?” He told me that Yes…

      …I nearly cried from happiness. We agreed to meet. I started to prepare Danya, showed shared pictures, told me that dad will come soon. He smiled, and somehow grabbed a soccer ball and said: “Daddy is vltale!”
      Анна Калашникова: «Во время встречи Прохора с сыном я плакала»

      Two days later, Prokhorov was already on the doorstep of our vacation home. Son of the morning feels like shit every five minutes asking when it will arrive. Seeing the car parked at the house, he ran into the hall to meet his father. Prokhorov always keeps the emotion, but then could not cope with them. He’s got eyes on the forehead climbed from surprise, because when he last saw Dan, he was still in runners, and now he is worn in full Jive. Prokhorov said “wow, he’s so Mature”. But the son at first did not recognize him, began to look closely, then… burst into tears and ran up to me. It is when you go on a business trip and a few days are not at home, I also did not immediately admit…

      …I took a little on his hands and explained to him that it was my father, he is now again around. Sonny calmed down, went to Prokhor, was his to look at, touch, pull hair… He stretched out his hands, and the kid climbed on his lap. Prokhor got the presents the day before arrival he called and asked what interesting little son than to make him happy. When he gave Danya balls, cars, a set of children’s tools, excavator, robot remote control, the little one smiled, clapped her hands.
      Анна Калашникова: «Во время встречи Прохора с сыном я плакала»

      Then he took Prokhor’s hand, and led him into the room where you store toys. They spent about an hour – I left them alone. After that, Prokhorov came up to me, inquired, as Dan grows as it evolves, with all do fine. I complained all the time, because I have so much work to do Then he promised that he will now try to devote to his son as much as possible.

      The ice was broken

      But the most important thing for me was that Prokhorov wants to make peace with my parents. They don’t talk to him months after the event with DNA testing. Prokhorov invited her to spend new year holidays, so me, him, Dan and my parents flew in January somewhere warm.

      Promised to take care of all expenses. Said that this year has been difficult for me, because I survived our separation, the death of his beloved grandmother and I deserve a rest. Me is touched. I was afraid to tell mom about the idea Prokhorov – was worried that I would refuse. But she listened, reluctantly admitted that they with Prokhorov, it is necessary to establish a relationship. So now going to do Dana a passport. Prokhorov calls through the day, asks how my son and the things that we need to tell you how important to me it is a concern. In a relationship with Helena, mother Prochorus, too has been warming the last month it has become through a friend to send me greetings. I’m really glad she finally stopped being angry at me. I hope ice age in our family over…”.