Western media spread the news about the imminent divorce of Hillary Clinton

Западные СМИ распространили новость о скором разводе Хиллари Клинтон According to journalists, the politician filed for divorce days later after tabulation. Foreign tabloids claim that the reason for the separation of the spouses for irreconcilable differences. Themselves bill and Hillary have not commented on this information.

      Foreign journalists say that 69-year-old Hillary Clinton has decided to divorce his 70-year-old bill Clinton. It is reported that the woman filed for divorce in the Supreme court of the state of new York on the morning of 10 November, exactly one day after lost in the presidential election. According to media reports, the cause of the break became irreconcilable differences between the couple, Clinton. The politicians themselves have not commented on this news.

      Sources close to bill and Hillary, have reported that spouses have long been associated solely professional relationship. So the news of the impending divorce was not a surprise for the environment pairs. According to journalists, the husband and wife is already a kind of agreement about the fragmented accommodation and agreement on section jointly acquired property. These documents will come into force once the policy is officially terminated their marriage.

      However, after some time it became known that the news about the divorce of politicians is not just a newspaper hoax. The portal, which has a scan of the statements Hillary had forged claim to play a public. Many journalists believe in the message of The Christian Times and reprinted an article about the differences between the spouses.

      Recall that the wedding of bill and Hillary Clinton took place on October 11, 1975 in Arkansas. Future spouses met at Yale University, where he studied law. Some time after the wedding, bill and Hillary worked with teachers, introducing students to the law, and then decided to concentrate on a political career.

      In 1978 bill Clinton became Governor of Arkansas. The strategy of the campaign, he developed together with his beloved wife. It is worth noting that Hillary stood by her man for a long period of time. A couple were United by interest in politics and the desire to achieve heights in this field.

      In February of 1980 in Turkey had increased, but their daughter Chelsea was born prematurely. Bill helped the woman to survive premature birth. Thanks to the care of her husband, Hillary was able in that year to enter the stars out of the leading lawyers of the United States.

      In 1993, bill Clinton won the presidency that forever changed his life. Three years later, in the family of the head of state and his wife was a major shock. The whole world still remembers the scandalous history involving White house Intern Monica Lewinsky. According to rumors, she has made a major rift in the relationship of bill and Hillary. It was rumored that the President’s wife thinking about divorce, but to apply to the court she was prevented by their own political ambitions.