Анна Калашникова обратилась в больницу из-за укуса ядовитого паука

Desire Anna Kalashnikova to be closer to nature turned to her appeal to the doctor.

The former mistress Prokhor Chaliapin decided to spend a day away from the bustle of the city, because taking a year-old son Daniel and inviting mother Anna went on a picnic.

“In the morning we went to my favorite restaurant outside the city, there played with Danya on the grass in football – he is so funny with his little legs trying to kick the ball. Laughed, frolicked… And here I thought I was bitten by a mosquito. Leg itched and never went away, but I’m treating it with ointment from the bites, hoping that soon the discomfort will pass. Tried not to pay attention to the terrible itching – all on the mosquitoes, my skin reacts quite sharply. In the afternoon felt a slight dizziness, weakness and nausea. And then looked at his leg and was horrified! It is terribly swollen, a little red around the holes was bright red circle” – the beginning of the story of the Kalashnikov.

According to Dr. Anna realized that her bite really is more serious because it did not an ordinary mosquito, a poisonous spider.

“The doctor took a look and immediately said, “it’s definitely not a gnat.” By all indications, he set the bite of a poisonous spider. This, of course, not fatal, but very unpleasant”, – quotes the press Kalashnikov.

By the way, there were here and without thinking about heroism: “Here I lie and think: thank God that bug has bitten me, and not the Child or the mother. Apparently, I’m a shut loved ones”.

Recall that the Kalashnikov was the cause of the heart attack new friend Chaliapin.

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