«12 стульев» по-английски: супруги нашли клад в мебели

Angela and Angus Milner-brown from South Lanarkshire bought the chair at auction. And ten years out of it unexpectedly rained diamonds.

Remember, ill-fated quest for the jewels of Madame Petukhova Ostap Bender in the head? So, in the English town of South Lanarkshire, the situation repeated itself. Only there was no adventure, not competitors…

Wife Angela and Angus Milner-brown bought a vintage chair at auction 10 years ago. Abandoned in the attic, as the money for restoration is not immediately found. And when ten years later I remembered about the purchase, from the chair suddenly showered with diamonds!

Gems found the head of the family, when they finally decided to fix a rare thing. And then began to suddenly delight faithful diamonds.

So, Mrs. Milner-brown received the ring on a wedding anniversary, a pair of earrings for Valentine’s Day and brooch for Easter.

Wife managed to keep the discovery a secret from his wife for several years, to surprise her every holiday. And had to admit, only when the luxury jewelry all over.

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