Анна Калашникова рассказала, кто подставил её с ДНК-тестом
The model told the edit Prokhor Chaliapin.

Анна Калашникова рассказала, кто подставил её с ДНК-тестом

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Kalashnikov is not
hopes to return to his beloved — of Prokhor Chaliapin. The model I’m sure
what a DNA test, which has become a cause of conflict between her and her groom, was
incorrect. She believes that it is simply framed. Moreover, it
insists that he knew who could be the initiator of the scandal.

According to Anna, this man was a foe from among their mutual friends. Her ideal relationship with
Prochorus many, according to Kalashnikov, was a strong jealousy. Ex
the bride and Chaliapin told about the treachery attributed to her. “From my
any change was not. I love this man. And I believe that we will
happy. If we were meant to be together, then we’ll go through all the obstacles that
there are on the way. I am very worried that Prokhorov is very much affected by other
women and not looking in my direction…” he told Anna.

By the way, at the appointed
day cancelled the wedding Kalashnikov in “full dress” came to the building
The Registrar’s office, where was held the wedding ceremony. She
was hoping for a miracle and waited for that Prokhorov, like happens in the movies, too, will have
doors Kutuzovsky registry office.

Himself Prokhor seem
not even thinking of reconciliation with his beloved. He increasingly began to appear in the company
new girl — Yana Grivkovskogo bride who died tragically of producer tims brick.
Shalyapin called his companion and Muse royalty, regularly publishing
pictures of you.

Prokhor Chaliapin and Jan Grivkovskogo

Photo: @p_shalyapin Instagram Prokhor Chaliapin

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