Анна Семенович продемонстрировала невероятную талию
In the Network actively discussing the figure of the Russian celebrity.

Анна Семенович продемонстрировала невероятную талию

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Anna Semenovich was in the center of the scandal connected with her own
figure. The fact that the 36-year-old actress has published on his page in
the social network, which has provoked a strong criticism from

In the pictures, Anna appeared in a black bodycon dress that emphasized her curvy shape and a truly incredible figure. Fans felt that waist
Semenovich in the picture looks unnatural and more like the inept
photoshop than on its actual natural data. Many fans of Anna was
angered by an attempt of deception on the part of their idol. “A bad photoshop. Without it, you
better!” commented fans.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Alexander Kurov

The singer herself on a sharp criticism, he reacted calmly. Some time ago, Anna decided to practice “positive thinking”, the foundations of which it teaches its subscribers. “I sometimes think, why do we so complicate our lives? After a long time not a secret that all actions in life we need energy and we have limited amounts of it… Only we can decide what to spend energy! On anger, gossip, and condemnation of it is spent in a huge number! It eats up all your energy that you given on achieving your goals and desires, and you just flushed down the toilet!” — wrote the mayor.

By the way, Anna recently even announced a competition for the most positive self. The singer urges all to share with others a good mood and not to focus on the difficulties.

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