Anna Kalashnikov shared details of the divorce Buzova and Tarasova

Анна Калашникова поделилась подробностями развода Бузовой и Тарасова
The ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin explained why praying for the presenter.

Olga Buzova and Anna Kalashnikov

Photo: @Instagram annakalash Anna Kalashnikova

Anna Kalashnikov is one of the few surrounded by Olga Buzova, who decided to have a Frank conversation about the divorce of a movie star. The model has shared his thoughts on the subject of what is going through Olga.

“You have to be quite iron to get out of this situation, as you breakup with a beloved man no losses. It seems to me that all the problems that had befallen Olya recently — the result of nervous tension. I understand she was in the same situation a few months ago. It is a terrible condition. It seems that you turned the whole world!” — wrote Anna. However, despite the stress, Kalashnikov, based on their own experience, advised Buzova not to lose self-control. According to her, it could entail much more serious consequences.

Meanwhile, Kalashnikov confessed that very sympathetic to Olga and tried to support her with kind words and prayers. “Olga, dear, hold on. You can handle this. You’re smart and beautiful. Strong. I love you very much. And pray for you!” she said.

By the way, not so long ago it became known that in the near future Kalashnikov will fall under the surgeon’s knife. By her own admission, she intends to adjust his nose and correct asymmetry of the face.