Анна Калашникова устроила бэби-шопинг в Сочи The actress bought gifts for one and half year old son Daniel. Anna Kalashnikova is doing to her child grow up happy. Now she is raising the baby and notes that he lacks attention of Prokhor Chaliapin.

      Анна Калашникова устроила бэби-шопинг в Сочи

      The other day Anna Kalashnikov returned from the hot Sochi – where she flew to cheer for the representatives of Russia at the musical contest “New wave”. With the black sea coast the actress came in cold Moscow not with empty hands, Anya had not only to attend concerts at New Wave Hall, but also enjoy the local shops on the waterfront. There she bought some sweets to his eight month old son Daniel.

      “He’s very mobile – admitted Kalashnikov “StarHit”. – Loves to play football. Clock can drive the ball on the grass. And I’m standing at the gates, act as “opponents”. Of all the countries and cities I visit, trying to remember to bring him gifts. Dan collects balls – all different – and bouncy, and “hoppers”, and football, what only he does not have in a nursery! So this time before leaving I decided to look in the shops chose for my son a bouncy ball in the style of the popular game Angry birds – I’m sure he’ll like it.”
      Анна Калашникова устроила бэби-шопинг в Сочи

      In addition, Anna had for the heir to the nominal spoon, mug and a large machine-the truck. All this was presented to the boy on arrival.

      “He then prudently put a new car in the garage, and with the ball running around the house, smiles of a Kalashnikov. – I try hard to please. Still attention Prokhorov lacks…”

      Анна Калашникова устроила бэби-шопинг в Сочи

      Recently, Kalashnikova and Chaliapin met in the Studio “Let them talk” for the first time in a few months, during which practically did not communicate. Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin met for the first time after the break

      “We cannot say that we Prokhor are together again, but the ice in our relationship was broken for sure. For the first time in four months or more… everybody has his own life, but I see that he became interested in the Child, his life and small successes. I hope soon we’ll meet all together, just like old times… Prokhor is configured to communicate, although it is all easy. We have much to discuss”, – concluded the singer.