Мария Кожевникова готовится к разлуке с семьей The actress is running for the state Duma from Vologda region. According to Maria Kozhevnikova, the people of this region really need her help, so she decided to nominate his candidacy in the elections.

      Actress and social activist Maria Kozhevnikova decided to run for the State Duma. Elections to the lower house of the Federal Assembly will be held on September 18. The day before this event, any campaigning by candidates is prohibited. So far, all the applicants representatives actively encourage people to vote for them. Kozhevnikova will be parting with the family, since she decided to run from the Vologda region, with which it is now bonded.

      If Maria will choose a Deputy from this region, it will have to constantly be on the move. A woman ready for this, because he wants to continue the work begun in the Vologda region. In his microblog star explained why decided not to run for the legislature.

      “Of course, I, the Muscovite, it would be easier in all respects, to choose Moscow, his native County. Ask why I decided to go the path of most resistance and streamlined exchange for five years work in his district in the new region, the endless moving, at times on the road, trains and hotels, and most importantly, separation from family? Answer: I feel that this is where I need it now. This is in connection with the situation in UOMP them. Vereshchagin (Vologda butter), the right to life of which we managed to defend with great efforts, although the fight still continues. Why are “we”? Because alone was not able to cope when “against” is a powerful lobby. “We” – the people who defended the plant. But my choice is made because the regions are currently in need of special support”, – said Kozhevnikov.

      According to Mary, she was able to do for the Vologda region very much, but there is still a lot. She admitted that the people’s support gives her strength when she lowered his hands. Kozhevnikova agitated users of the social network to vote for her in elections Sunday.

      By the way, in the near future, the actress would often travel to Vologda oblast, as he entered the high school, which is located in the region. Kozhevnikova went to get a second degree in vsdfa them. Vereshchagin. According to the actress, the knowledge will come in handy during her work in the field of food security.

      We will remind that Maria has two sons, Maxim and Vanya. While the star is on the move, the toddlers engaged her mother Margaret. However, the actress was very inconvenienced that she will be parting with children and lubimym spouse. In their family there is mutual understanding and relationship between mother and daughter can only envy. “For each of my small victory in sports, in art, in politics you stand for. You are near and this is my strength! I just pray about your health and wish you to Wake up every day from the children’s cries of “Baba, get up, and sleep with a smile on his face,” such a touching post dedicated to Maria Margarita in her birthday.