Алексей Панин опубликовал «голые» фото бывшей жены The actor has put on public display naughty pictures of married life with ex-fiancee. Alexey Panin nostalgic of the old days. Apparently, he still can not forget his love.

      Алексей Панин опубликовал «голые» фото бывшей жены

      Union actor Alexei Panin and his wife Lyudmila did not last long. Despite the fact that the artist tried to forget about his beloved, he could not erase her from your life. Even novels with other women are unable to eradicate his ardent feelings for Lyudmila. Alexey nostalgia for past love and decided to share candid snapshots ex-wife with their fans and friends.

      Alex did not hesitate to show intimate photos of a former spouse. Fans recognized that the photographs of the pair looked really happy. By the way, this is not the first time Panin puts on display half-naked shots ex-wife. He even had to apologize for their actions.

      “I want one last time to apologize for all the pain I’ve caused you and your loved ones. For the photos posted VC. I’m sorry! It was pain and despair. From impending doom! If you came back, you would never regret it. I would have done for you. I would probably the whole world would be able to flip over if you were nearby! We could leave. We have a small apartment. Your apartment is. We would do the repair and you lived. I have worked with. I have now everything is getting better. If you just got back…” – begged the forgiveness of Panin in the period of despair.
      Алексей Панин опубликовал «голые» фото бывшей жены

      Despite the fact that Alex is suffering and not the first year tries to return to Lyudmila, the woman gives him hope for the restoration of the former relations. Nevertheless, the artist continued for some time to wear engagement ring and promised never to part. Also Panin continues to send greetings to Lyudmila happy birthday and hope that she will read the message and imbued with love.

      “You don’t care about all this, I understand. I blame myself, really. Primarily to blame in not being able to give you a real family. Child. I live every day just one thought that you’d come back, and we all can change. You don’t believe me, but I’m telling the truth. I want to make you happy that you became a Mother you were always cheerful and joyful. Only with your death I found out who you were to me. Lucy! I don’t have a lot to offer. The biggest thing I have is my love for you! I love you!”, wrote to Panin.