Анна Калашникова встала на защиту подруги The woman decided to support the friend that was hit by a wave of criticism after the broadcast of the new project “Integrity” on TV channel “Friday”. In the next stage of the contest between the two girls the victory went to Anastasia Barashkova. However, this decision was not liked by the viewers.

      On the TV channel “Friday” has launched a new project “Integrity”. Each week two contestants must pass a difficult test, for execution of which the following judges composed of ordinary people. Results of the competition they award “likes” the contestant, which, in their opinion, did a better job with assignments. In one of the last broadcasts were made by Anastasia Barashkova and Alexander Kabanov. Both girls got used to roxanol life, so when they were put in difficult conditions, they are initially a little confused, but then quickly went into the taste.

      During the competition I had the Wing in the cold putting up banners, that for the unprepared person it was not easy. Moreover, she had to live with an ex-con who one day accidentally ruined an expensive skirt Anastasia. However, she was able to deal with it without the man claims. Judges appreciated it and was quick to award the star’s Instagram win. However, the viewers did not agree with the opinion of the jury.

      “Everything here was purchased! Sasha, the second participant of the project, behaved much better. She did great when the workers woke her up at eight in the morning” , “I would not have experienced a power shower like Sasha” , “I Wonder how many Barashkova paid for victory?” – expressed the opinion followers in social networks.

      Anna Kalashnikov, who is a close friend, Anastasia, was quick to disagree with the criticism of friends. It seems that the viewers are somewhat prejudiced against the Wing, although, according to her, the victory went to the girl absolutely deserved, and she didn’t try to falsify the election results.

      Anna Kalashnikov seduced by a brutal man

      It is important to say that Anna herself was a participant of the project “Integrity”. In the air release the model has not yet emerged, but the woman does not hide that won the contest win. That’s why she believes viewers claims are unfounded, since she went through all the tests and understand what price got the victory for her friend.

      “No there is nothing to buy. I can assure you. The project is absolutely competitive. We all existed at the limit of their possibilities. After all, sometimes to cope with the responsibilities was extremely difficult. Much was very annoying. And a couple of times myself, frustrated,” admitted Kalashnikov.

      Probably Kalashnikov understands what he’s talking about. After all, she herself had quite a hard time. It is, for example, cleaned the coop, and walked about in the cold weather in the costume of the Empress Catherine II. “I don’t even know if I could keep the Olympic tranquillity in their trials, and if lost kit from Chanel, Anastasia. So, I think that it is fair and deserved,” said the celebrity.