Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya surprised pregnant belly

Анастасия Задорожная удивила беременным животом The singer posted a provocative video. Fans of Anastasia Zadorozhnaya suggested that she is expecting a baby and interested in stars, when she had time. However, some people think that their star forms have increased with the help of improvised material.

      For the life of the singer and actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya in the popular social network following about three hundred thousand people. Have a great sense of humor, so she sometimes jokes on its subscribers, posting ambiguous pictures and videos.

      One of the last scenes made fans Zadorozhnaya very surprised, because I they saw Anastasia in the spacious dress with a drapery which could not hide her pregnant belly artist. And Nastia is not just big, but have already fallen down, that happens in expectant mothers already on the eve of the birth. Even more puzzled subscribers the fact that Anastasia is behaving not as expected women in her situation. The star famously danced with the belly in her dances have a Central role.

      “How to Wake yourself up and prepare for the twelve hour shift after an almost sleepless night on the train? Easy!” – commented Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya his incendiary dance.

      Not all subscribers Zadorozhnaya was able to appreciate her sense of humor. In the comments the artist asked in all seriousness if she was pregnant. But most fans realized that Anastasia was a joke so gracefully, and thanked her for the pleasure of them viewing the positive video. “You’re pregnant?”, “Nastya, are you waiting for kid?”, “Nastya, are you? When did that happen?”, “It’s after the train was so bursting? You go”, “dress rehearsal?”, “Killed! Not so long laughed,” “that’s what happens from the trains, fly the planes, And if that, then it will not jump”, “Without consequences, the trip is not passed,” have fun under incendiary video Anastasia Zadorozhnaya her fans.

      We will remind, the audience learned about Anastasia Zadorozhnaya after the role of Angelica, which she played in teen picture “Simple truth”. However, the real popularity brought her youth series “Club” where the girl has a reputation not only as a talented actress, but also as a singer. Now the actress is acting in movies and recording new songs and releasing the clips. Despite the creative success, she is in no hurry to start a family and get married. She takes cue from her mother, who after the death of a spouse did not hurry with the search for a new candidate for her hand and heart. Nastya Zadorozhnaya does not wish to marry