5 пряностей для стройности, о которых вы не подозревали “Stoit” gathered a few spices that help to lose weight. Few people know, but these additional ingredients can seriously affect shape changes. We uncovered a few important rules of proper use of spices.

    5 пряностей для стройности, о которых вы не подозревали

    What to eat to lose weight? In fact, almost anything, if only it was flavored with the right spices. Some spices are really able to help you lose a few pounds.


    Burning chili pepper – a really hot guy. Even a very small amount of it raises the body temperature, accelerates the heartbeat and metabolism. While this effect lasts, your body burns slightly more calories than usual. And Chile stimulates the production of enzymes necessary for the digestion of food, lowers cholesterol, improves the condition of blood vessels and fights against bacteria (no wonder it is often used in the cuisine of southern countries, where the climate is not conducive to long preservation of food).


    5 пряностей для стройности, о которых вы не подозревали

    If you want to lose weight, buy ginger in an industrial scale. It improves the metabolic processes is not worse than Chile, has a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, helps us to produce enzymes for digestion – therefore, in the countries of South-East Asia candied ginger is often served at the end of the meal as a digestif. It lowers blood pressure, increases efficiency and ingenuity.

    It is best to use for weight loss not powder and fresh ginger root. Its grate and brew together with tea or simply with honey, it goes well with any poultry and meat.


    5 пряностей для стройности, о которых вы не подозревали

    Cumin is also lowers blood sugar levels, especially for the black, or Ethiopian cumin. Studies conducted in Egypt and in the Royal University of London, proved that regular consumption of cumin to the same 55% improves the body’s defenses and reduces cholesterol. Cumin is not only good in baking – you can add it to rice dishes and meat.


    5 пряностей для стройности, о которых вы не подозревали

    Indian healers have used cardamom to improve digestion several thousand years ago. And they were absolutely right – the current research showed that this spice really gets rid of such troubles as bloating, heartburn and diarrhea.

    And the cardamom is a powerful diuretic that helps in fighting swelling – and they often give those extra 2-3 pounds that are so difficult to lose even with exercise.


    Cinnamon slightly reduces the level of sugar in the blood and, therefore, lowers the appetite. Two teaspoons of cinnamon powder lower blood sugar by about 30%. You should use this ability of cinnamon, adding a little coffee. On a bun it will have exactly the same effect, but it will completely undo the bun itself.