Анна Грачевская отметила юбилей с капельницей Holiday presenter has not passed unnoticed. Anna Grachevskaya noted the birthday in Sochi, where she went to light up the contest of young singers “New wave”. Fans celebrities wished a speedy recovery.

      The former wife of the Creator of the television magazine “Yeralash” Boris Grachevsky Anna celebrated their 30th anniversary. The woman is now in Sochi, where he arrived to cover the contest of young singers “New wave”. On the sixth of September, the birthday girl took numerous congratulations from relatives, friends and colleagues. However, the following day for Grachevskoe was a real challenge – she felt bad enough that she needed the help of medical professionals. Anna put on a drip, and the woman hurried to tell about the incident in social networks.

      “Birthday, sad holiday. Now I understand what he sang, Igor Nikolaev, and anniversary – very sad! So much fun yesterday celebrating your holiday!” – wrote Grachevskaya in the microblog and published a photo-proof.

      The fans decided to cheer the presenter and addressed her many words of support. “My good, feel better”, “get well soon, Anna! You umnichka! I am sure, will recover soon!”, “We love you! Get well soon!” – posted by concerned fans.

      Anna also chose to thank the many friends, acquaintances and fans for their congratulations on his birthday. She was very pleased that such a significant day for her, she received warm words and wishes.

      “I want to say a huge thank you to all my people, friends, family for the love and support! So many calls and messages on what’s app, haven’t read everything, got to the contact and other social media. Love you, my good, thank you everyone for the congratulations! I’m a very happy person, because I have a huge family, my friends, colleagues and my work! Today I’m flying home soon recover and be better than ever!” – thanked Anna in his microblog.

      Not so long ago the TV presenter was concerned that her increased appetite. Grachevskaya admitted that begins to eat everything and in large quantities. In order to understand what is going on, Anna went to the clinic where she was diagnosed with an eating disorder. In order to recover, she was offered a course of acupuncture. Grachevskaya did not make a secret of it and captured the process on video. The doctor explained to the patient, what is the essence of the technique, sticking in her ear a huge needle. Anna Grachevskaya is afraid to get better during the honeymoon