Имущество целительницы Джуны может оказаться на улице Still there is a struggle for the legacy of the famous healer. A little over a year ago, a woman died. The leaders of the June Academy is ready to fight to the end to defend the house on Arbat street and other valuables.

      Имущество целительницы Джуны может оказаться на улице

      For a long time the leaders of the Academy of the June struggle to open the Museum in the house on Arbat street, where she lived healer. However, until now there is a struggle for the property in the center of Moscow.

      Mystery private rooms Juneau

      As it turned out, the Moskomimuschestvo has sent a lawsuit to terminate the lease of housing with the leaders of the Academy of the June and was ordered to pay the debt on payment of two million rubles. One of the representatives of the organization Valery Kamshilov announced that the Museum and all the property known healer is under threat of confiscation.

      “Moscow officials will put our property into the street. All paintings juna, her values… And maybe it will take the values in debt. I do not know. To surrender we do not intend,” said the man.

      A little over a year ago psychic Djuna passed away and left behind a rich legacy, including a four-storey house with an area of 1000 square meters, jewelry and paintings, the cost of which varies from three hundred thousand to half a million rubles.

      Despite the fact that among the friends of the healer had a lot of influential people who could influence the situation, however, nobody was interested in the creation of the Museum.

      “Those whom she helped, is now the political and cultural elite of Russia. We decided in memory of Juneau to create this Museum. I’m helping on a voluntary basis,” – said one of the leaders of the Museum Andrey Arkhipov.

      Those who worry about the legacy of the June, ready to fight to the end. They are not going to give up and intend to defend their right to a higher court.

      “As far as I know, the court satisfied the claim in mid-August. The decision was taken in five minutes, and without the invitation of the defendant, that is us. Unilaterally. We will appeal this decision in Arbitration court. If needed, we will appeal to the Supreme court. I suggest to write a letter to the Prosecutor. Was admitted flagrant violation. The Academy is not notified not notified by letter… So we will fight for our home-Museum”, – said Kamshilov in conversation with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.