Друзья Сергея Шнурова помогают ему в личной жизни Musician consults with friends when you don’t know how to act in a given situation. Sergey Shnurov can’t call myself neither a sage nor a man with a rich life experience. However, in the new program “About love”, which became the leading artist, he understands the personal issues of other people.

      The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov tried on a new role. The musician became host of the program “About love”, which airs on the First channel. According to the rocker, he came to the show not for a large fee, and to help people. The transfer Cords listens to the stories of the people and sometimes gives advice on how to proceed in a given situation.

      “At a certain age each person has a need — to help somebody or to share a human experience. I hope that my participation as a presenter in this program — no wonder that some people need it. The program has just started and too early to draw conclusions. I made myself clear when I agreed to this offer: “to do No harm by word or deed.” Try not to judge and not to impose their views. And many questions to honestly say: “do not know the Answer” – confessed musician.

      Sergey Shnurov often shares with fans on social networks opinion on a particular topic. However, the artist does not consider himself a wise man. According to him, smart people don’t exist in nature.

      “I’m just a stupid man, as we all do. Don’t know what to do with his personal life, and often turn for advice to friends. If someone thinks that Sergey Shnurov — a philosopher, a sage or a person with a rich life experience, it is deeply mistaken”, – said the leader of the group “Leningrad”.

      Cord is trying to evaluate what is happening in the Studio, in particular, not to teach the participants of the show. “Everyone has their own truth. Complex themes to raise difficult, but necessary. It all depends on the tone of communication. My voice is human, without the use of edifying,” – said Sergey, the journalists of “Evening Moscow”

      By the way, despite shooting in the program “About love”, Cords continues to delight the audience with new hits. His video for the song “Tits” was seen by millions of Internet users. A video in a few days created a furor in the Network. Over the new was directed by Anna Parmas, Julia Topol’nitskiy, and the “Magnificent Five” from the “Peter – to drink.” The musician thanked all those who worked on the clip, in his microblog. “I know it was 20 hours shifts, complicated editing, graphics and voice. The hardships and seriousness of the work is always behind the scenes, these are the laws of the genre. Only laughter and joy we must bring to people,” said rocker.