Анна Грачевская стала хозяйкой острова в Малайзии

On 6 June, two years after breaking up with the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky Anna Grachevskaya remarried.

The chosen girl was Artem Kuzyakin.

To prepare for the perfect holiday was spent several months. But the triumph was worth it. Young was pleased with the wedding.

Any wedding is troublesome, though joyful event. Despite being very busy, now spouse of Anna still found time to surprise her and presented her with a gorgeous gift, which not everyone can boast of.

Artem has made Anna the mistress of the island in Malaysia.

This was stated by the other newly-minted wife in an interview with StarHit: “Temic chose a long time how to surprise Anna. And decided that the jewels star watch… it’s all wrong! You need to play big. The island has treated the Subject in three million roubles. He is now considering building a house where you can retreat with the beloved.”

Not to mention that the new love in Anna’s life greatly changed it. The girl is now not so often attends social events. This time she now spends on the family.

By the way, Tom easily found common language with her daughter Anna, whom she bore in a marriage with Grachevsky.

As already mentioned, in Alliance with Artem Anna has changed for the better. Perhaps Kuzyakin contributed to the fact that his girlfriend managed to resume the dialogue with her ex-husband (Grachevsky) and to settle a question concerning meetings their child with mother father.

“Thank God that all this was in the past. We found the wisdom, tact and strength to come to a common denominator. We can say that we have absolutely normal social relations within Vasilisa Borisovny. We communicate. And now, Vasilisa often talks with my dad, sometimes at his home. So it’s all good: peace, friendship, chewing gum”, — commented on the situation, Anna.


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