Распалась группа «Звери»

Sad news for fans of the band “the Animals“. Virtually all participants intend to leave the team next month. In other words, after fifteen years of existence, the group disintegrates.

That just three members of the group looking for work, said the guitarist Maxim Leonov. Unemployed after a couple weeks became the bass player Aleksey Lyubchik, drummer Michael Brim Leonov and himself.
“Along about ten years old, play practically all know each other through and through. Primarily interested in working on a permanent basis,” — said in message on his page in the social network. The last three shows to be held soon in Baku, St. Petersburg and Moscow.
After leaving the above named group of musicians, frontman and founder of the Roman Bilyk will remain almost alone. Most likely, he will have to recruit a new team or close the project altogether. What happened and what caused this decision of the team is still unknown. It may happen that the seventh album “no Fear”, saw the world in March of this year, will be the last for this music project.

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