Фильм с участием Леонардо ДиКаприо разрушил карьеру бизнесмена

Businessman Andrew green, a former business partner of Jordan Belfort – the “Wolf of wall street, which Martin Scorsese made the film with the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio, wants to meet the lead actor. But here’s the thing: in the busy schedule, Leo is so small that it is unlikely he will succeed.

Recall that y, a former employee of the company Stratton Oakmont sued the makers of the movie “the Wolf of wall Street”, claiming that the destroyed his career, but on the financial broker and the founder of the above named company, who went to jail for fraud. Except for the name of the main character, all the other names in the tape was changed, but Andrew green learned self. And, according to plaintiff, he is not alone.

According to the businessman, under the character named Nicky Koskoff (starring P. J. Byrne), the creators meant it, green. Odaka Andrew does not agree with the interpretation itself, because in the movie he is shown as a scoundrel, a drug addict and a criminal, a sociopath, prone to misogyny. As compensation Andrew demanded that Paramount Pictures for 25 million dollars. He also demanded to withdraw all copies of the film and ban it in theaters. It failed, and now he wants to talk about his destroyed reputation with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Perhaps now the businessman wants to get compensation and from Leo. Representatives of the artist claim that DiCaprio is, he is too busy at work, but if Andrew wants it, the artist can send his lawyer.
Green is not happy, he desires a private audience. Let’s see what the outcome of this story.

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