Anna chipovskaya was miraculously saved from the maniac

Анна Чиповская чудом спаслась от маньяка A classmate of the actress told how she almost got in trouble. Anna chipovskaya was always popular with the opposite sex, but once the attraction could play a malicious joke with it.

      Анна Чиповская чудом спаслась от маньяка

      Star of the TV series “the Thaw” graduated nine classes of capital linguistic gymnasium № 1513, after which he enrolled in drama school. In the movie “Pure art” that is rolled, the actress has played the main role. “StarHit” found her classmates. They told how Anna wanted to play in “Titanic” and flirted with the most popular guy of the school.

      Hearts of three

      “We were together for only three years, but managed to get close,” says school friend Chipovskaya Vasilisa Vatueva. – She called me Vasyuta, I – Annie. In General, in class, her nickname was Chip, or Chip. After graduation we went our separate ways. But my sister, who studied in the same school in the grade behind, once met Anna in the street, and she asked how I was doing, said Hello. It was nice that she didn’t “zazvezdilsya”, remember. By the way, Annie hasn’t changed: recently saw her on TV – such as natural, thin, beautiful, stylish. Not that some, becoming famous rather go under the surgeon’s knife, striving to be the perfect “dolls”.

      With many friends at school 28-year-old chipovskaya maintains the connection until now – for example, Ivan Biryukov. Both from theatrical families are closely associated with the actor’s environment – Anna even helped a former classmate contacts on one of the charity events.

      “Our mom graduated from drama school,” says Ivan. – Therefore I often together with my parents have been visiting Chipovskaya. Talked about new plays, movies… the direction of the conversation asked adults. And Anna, when we went into another room, showed me some things her grandmother – photos, vintage ornaments – told their story.”
      Анна Чиповская чудом спаслась от маньяка

      According to friends, chipovskaya knew from childhood that to be an actress, dreamed of dramatic roles. “Once we were traveling from St. Petersburg by train – was there on tour with a class – says Biryukov. – Stayed up all night talking, Anya sang – loved anything to tighten a Cappella. And try on different roles in the movie. Discussed the main character of the movie “Titanic”, and Chip is so dreamy said could play”.

      The first serious theatrical experience she received in high school, when I was involved in performances mother, Olga Chipovskaya, in the Vakhtangov Theatre.

      Анна Чиповская чудом спаслась от маньяка

      RUN, ANNA, RUN!

      Studied the future star was always good – was particularly good literature. But in geometry and physics, the girl helped with homework guys-classmates. Junior chipovskaya was a “star”, was popular among boys.

      “Then most of us did not realize how important it is to pay attention to the little things, do girls compliments,” Ivan laughs. Anya was very beautiful and charming. One time dressed in the style of Berlin high school girls – plaid skirt, blouse. Went with her long hair. I remember back in third grade, two boys were in love with Chip. And arranged a meeting, one of us most worthy to be her friend”.
      Анна Чиповская чудом спаслась от маньяка

      On relationships with the opposite sex Anna always left enough time to constantly had Affairs. “We had such a womanizer, now a family man, marrying Ptashkin, remembers Vasilisa Vatueva. – He loved her, one time just about him and said. Nothing serious between them was not just mutual sympathy. But among the girls of our school was an honor and status, if he showed interest in them. So she sought – and quite successfully. She loved to talk about Boyfriends, about their love experiences. For some time she liked even our gym teacher is cute, young, flirted with him, rejoiced when he paid attention to her. Then met with the son of Mikhail Efremov Nikita – rapid and emotional was the novel”.

      But once the beauty and attractiveness of the Chipovskaya barely played with it a cruel joke. “Annie came to visit me, I lived on Leninsky Prospekt, near the Park area,” says Vatueva.

      “We, the 14-year-old, decided to hang out in the district: was the end of may, a warm evening, the classes are over… Go to such – Anya heels, in the parade in the Park. And suddenly next to us slows the car, the driver asks: “where’s the school?” A friend decided to help, leaned on the door of his car, began to explain… And then I see he’s not right smiles, starts to move towards her, hand stroking. Scared, shouting: “Run!” Annie on my heels like a rabbit in the bushes. And maniac he even tried for us to go pursue. But after all, the lawn does not turn up! Broke. Oh, and it was terrible!”

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