СМИ сообщают о гибели актера Антона Ельчина в автокатастрофе The star of the blockbuster “Terminator: salvation” was 27 years old. The Hollywood actor of Russian origin Anton Yelchin died in the US on Sunday morning. The body of the actor and his car was discovered near his home in California.

      СМИ сообщают о гибели актера Антона Ельчина в автокатастрофе

      Hollywood actor of Russian origin known for his roles in such blockbusters as “Star trek,” “Terminator: Yes come Savior” of the series “er” Anton Yelchin died Sunday morning, presumably in the accident. About the death of actor Agency AP reported his representative, Jennifer Ellen.

      And about some of the circumstances of the tragedy told the friends of Anton Elchine, with whom he was expecting. Not arrived at the appointed time, Yelchin did not respond to calls his friends, and then they decided to go to his house. There they found a gruesome picture. The body of Anton Elchine was lying near a car that was in a running condition, it is obvious that the actor was going to go, but something prevented him to do so.

      The circumstances of the tragedy are now being investigated. According to preliminary data, Yelchin died under the wheels of his car. For some reason, he came out of the cabin without putting the car on the handbrake. The car rolled down the slope, holding its owner between myself and the gate house. It is noted that this was an accident, the version of murder by the police is not considered.

      Actor Anton Yelchin was born March 11, 1989 in Leningrad in a family of Elicina skaters Viktor and Irina Korina. When Anton was only six months old, his parents decided to move to the US. But the boy did not go in the footsteps of their parents by going for an artistic career, in which he succeeded. Acting in films and television series Anton Yelchin began as a child in the late 1990-ies. As told by the actor himself, he even auditioned for the role of Harry Potter.

      Viewers around the world Anton Yelchin will be remembered for his roles in such films as “alpha Dog,” “Terminator: salvation”, “new York, I love you” and others. The actor is known also for his role as Pavel Chekhov in “Star trek” and “StarTrek: Retribution. And in July of this international distribution to be released tape “star trek: Infinity” with the participation of Anton Elchina. Just on account of the actor more than 25 roles in movies.

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