Anna chipovskaya is hiding an affair with a colleague

Анна Чиповская скрывает роман с коллегой Star of the TV series “the Thaw” was found with a young actor. Anna chipovskaya and Dmitry Entaltsev familiar for two years, but only recently became a couple. The man was able to win the heart of beauty.
Анна Чиповская скрывает роман с коллегой

The new found love and star of the TV series “the Thaw” Anna chipovskaya. For several months, a celebrity happy with 28-year-old actor Vladimir Endelave. They met in 2015 in the movie “Horoscope for luck”. But then the actress was proprietary, met with businessman Dmitry Sergeev. Point in their relationship, was delivered at the end of last year, the reason was the constant jealousy of the merchant and the partners on the site Chipovskaya, which, apparently, were unfounded.

“Anya liked a long time Entaltseva – shared with “StarHit” the friend pair Anna. The sympathy was mutual. When he learned about the breakup, he began to gently care. By the way, at the time they crossed again on the set of the tragicomedy “Blockbuster”, where he played a loving couple – all contributed to the fact that between the guys spun novel.”

Relationship Entaltsev and chipovskaya prefer not to advertise, they do not betray themselves on the same “Kinotavr” in Sochi, where both came to introduce the film.

“In my free time they love to travel, some time ago were in Georgia, – has shared with “StarHit” the friends of lovers. – Side not to say that they’re having an affair, because they typically spend time the three of us – in their company actor Bob Simon. Go hang out in different trendy places of the capital. Mama Anna Dima was approved, his parents too. So now everyone is looking forward to when he did make an offer hands and hearts.”

Anna admitted that she’s not the easiest character, and she realizes how hard her loved ones to endure it.
After parting with Dmitry Sergeev, Anna more time spent in the company of friends while dining at trendy cafes and restaurants. Also she focused on her career. Anna chipovskaya broke up with her boyfriend

“They had a crisis in the relationship, Dan was jealous of Anya to work, the partners in the court, to colleagues. She just got tired of it. Friends to stay also failed”, – told “StarHit” a friend of the actress.