Each Dzhigarkhanyan revealed the truth about the relationship of the artist with his wife

Друг Джигарханяна раскрыл правду об отношениях артиста с женой A longtime acquaintance of master Arthur Soghomonyan told the journalists about his conflict with Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. According to the man, the woman rewrote the whole property Dzhigarkhanyan and hid his passport.

In the story of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, who was in the hospital Sunday evening, new details emerged. His friend, Artur Soghomonyan, told reporters that the famous actor and Director is going to divorce with his wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. In the words of another celebrity, a few years ago his wife had changed the statutes of the theatre, therefore, under the new Charter Armen Borisovich – the artistic Director but all decisions are made by the Director General, that is it. According to the other, Vitalina may even dismiss Armen Borisovich, and he did not.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan on his wife: “She’s a thief!”

“She’s already sent a letter to the Ministry of culture with a request to remove Armen Borisovich from the post in connection with the condition,” said Soghomonyan.

Also a close friend of the actor added that the wife Dzhigarkhanyan could not cope with the management of the theater. The last statement, which is engaged Vitalina was obviously a failure. Besides, sogomonian argues that Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya were not given meds. for several days: movie star suffering from diabetes for many years.

“On the fourth day, he went home and found out that Mara cheated him and produces the show. Then I reached Moscow, I was out of town, asked me to take him. The next day I arrived. We went to the hospital to check his health because looked Armen Borisovoi doesn’t matter. Come and Vitalina. I asked her to give a list of drugs he was taking to give his passport and clothes. She promised me. I sent the driver, he stood for hours, but she never gave up. We sent Armen Borisovich in the 57-th city hospital. He was there the fifth day. Now in a good condition,” said Soghomonyan.

She Vitalina does not comment to journalists. Arthur continued that the theater is in debt, as well as the organization delays payment of taxes. According to a friend of the artist, all the bills and the apartment Vitalina has renewed itself.

“Armen Borisovich this calmly. But when the theatre one after the other produces a half-decent performances, and on posters in his name, he is already could not endure. “Armen said, I am 82 years old and nowhere to go. Until then survived”, – said a close friend Dzhigarkhanyan.

Soghomonyan said that all the property rewritten in Vitalinu, and it is two apartments. One Dzhigarkhanyan bought before the marriage, but the woman extended living space for themselves.

“The other, which they bought in the marriage. Plus some had money in the account. I very much hope that we peacefully agree. Don’t want to go to court,” – said comrade Armen Borisovich in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to Soghomonyan, less than a year of marriage, Vitalina got half of everything, that had made a famous actor.

Friends of the artist don’t know yet where to go Armen Borisovich after his release from hospital. “We’re looking for apartments for rent. Thank God, there are friends and we have this situation correct, it will not have any trouble with housing, money,” – said Artur Soghomonyan.